Blue The Dog – Proudly Propane – Outdoor Living

With the help of propane, year-round outdoor living is possible with portable heating systems.

My buddy Blue and I are going to turn you into an outdoor person. How? By adding a little propane we’ll turn your blah backyard into your favorite room in the house and the envy of the neighborhood. Everyone knows backyards are for grilling, and Blue is pretty picky about his hot dogs, so a propane grill is a must have. Just like an indoor gas range you get instant on and instant off, and precise temperature control. With no coals, soot or ash to clean-up you spend more time entertaining and less time cleaning. By why stop with a grill when you could create full outdoor living? Now we’re cooking with gas! Whether it is outdoor heating, fireplaces, grills, spa or pool heaters, or lighting – propane has you covered!

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