Declare Your Energy Independence – Join our Tank Ownership Event!

Are you feeling trapped by your existing tank? Purchase a new propane tank from E F Laudenslager and declare your Energy Independence!

Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the benefits of owning your propane tank.

Above-ground and underground in sizes from 100 lb. up to 1000 gallons. E F Laudenslager installs ASME propane tanks for lease or purchase by customers. Please call for installation details and pricing.

Tank Ownership Benefits With E F Laudenslager Include:

  • Stop paying yearly lease fees.
  • Pay less per gallon. The more you use the more you save. No introductory teaser rates or pricing gimmicks.
  • Avoid paying extra fees and delivery surcharges. They can sure add up. Take a look at your current bill and see how much you could save with E F Laudenslager.
  • All tanks we sell are ASME lifetime certified. Never worry again about tank re-certification. Gauges are standard on all of our residential tanks.

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