Blue The Dog – Proudly Propane – Outdoor Living

With the help of propane, year-round outdoor living is possible with portable heating systems.

My buddy Blue and I are going to turn you into an outdoor person. How? By adding ... read more,

Blue the Dog – Proudly Propane – Grilling

“There are two things I love in this world, meat, goes without saying, and propane! And when the two come together on the grill, oh man!” – Blue the Dog

Blue the Dog – Proudly Propane – Shower

Let Blue tell you how propane can up your shower game.

“I love that our propane customers can enjoy reliable, efficient hot water. But between you and me, I just don’t ... read more,

Blue The Dog – Proudly Propane – Livin’ Free

Proudly Independent. Proudly American. Proudly Propane.

EFL DIY Video #1: How to Read the Gauge on Your Propane Tank

We share the steps to quickly and easily check your gauge periodically so you don’t run out of fuel to keep your home and appliances running smoothly! Checking your gauge ... read more,